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The integrated, automatic or manual systems for surface treatments are used to prepare the pieces for a subsequent process or directly for their delivery, with their corresponding material handling and packaging system.

In this sense, Cabycal offers extensive experience in surface treatments for processes of etching degreasing, pickling, amorphous and micro-crystalline phosphate coating, surface conditioning and nano-technology conversions for diverse types of materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zamak and technical plastics, among others).

Likewise, Cabycal carries out full integration which includes auxiliary heating or cooling systems, exhaust systems and vapor cleaning process (if required) as well as corresponding compensation, effluent purification systems, demineralized or osmosis water production systems and special particle filtration systems, among others.

- Batch Treatment Systems
- Continuous or Static Treatment Systems (conveyor & basket)
- Custom-made Solutions: Special Treatment Systems