Cabycal supplies a pressurized and heated booth to GKN Driveline

Valencia, June 4th, 2018.- Cabycal has designed, manufactured and installed a pressurized and heated booth with a temperature and humidity control unit for the automotive division of the British company GKN in its Pinta del Bajío plant in Celaya (Mexico). This system will keep clean and in the best conditions the environment where the application of power paint will be made.

The booth, which is already being assembled at the GKN plant, has a temperature control unit prepared to work at a minimum temperature of -4ºC and a maximum temperature of 46ºC. Regarding the humidity control, it is composed by a multistage equipment that includes 4 phases: dehumidification, heating, adiabatic humidification and ventilation.

With this project Cabycal highlights the speed and capacity of reaction and response in an international market so saturated and so competitive as the Mexican market.

GKN designs and manufactures systems and components for most of the world's leading aircraft, vehicle and machinery manufacturers. Founded more than 250 years ago, it has three divisions: GKN Aerospace, GKN Driveline and GKN Powder Metallurgy with joint ventures in more than 30 countries.