Cabycal provides an infrared oven to Istobal

Valencia, July 19th 2018.- Cabycal has designed, manufactured and asembly an infrared (IR) gas oven, also known as gelling zone, for Istobal, a leading company in the design and manufacture of solutions for the automotive sector. This IR oven has been adapted to the existing convection oven by combining a mixed system by intelligent control.

This ​​IR short wave heating area aims to improve the powder coating application line that Cabycal installed in the Istobal plant in 2009. Among the advantages of the new system is the increase in speed of the production, the rise of the temperature of pieces with high thickness and the elimination of the contamination of colors in the polymerized oven. In addition, the space occupied has been minimized since the system has been installed between the paint booth and the entrance to the existing polymerization oven.

The new system allows the recognition of the dimensions of the frame thanks to a parts reader located before the gelling zone. Depending on the information collected by these measurement barriers, the IR carriage automatically approach or move away from the frame with an accuracy of 5 millimeters. In addition, the automation of this system also allows the activation of only the infrared plates of the area of ​​the frame in which parts have been detected (upper zone or lower zone), which gives an important saving of energy for the client.

Istobal is the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and marketing of automotive washing solutions. They export their products to more than 75 countries, have seven subsidiaries and two assembly plants in Europe and two other subsidiaries and assembly plants in the US and Brazil.