Cabycal provides an automatic liquid painting line to Ecobidón

Valencia, 28th October 2019.- Cabycal has recently developed, manufactured and installed an automatic liquid paint line for Ecobidón. This line, in operation since March 2019, paints 200-liter metal drums at its facilities in Utiel (Spain).

The line designed by Cabycal has a liquid paint booth with dry filtration with 14 automatic guns, a mixing room and a curing oven. The conveyor is a combination of roller table and table top chain and includes a rotating drum system that allows them to be marked with a barcode, for traceability and control of the production process. The installation has remote assistance and the possibility of integrating and adapting the management of the line to industry 4.0.

It should be noted as one of the most relevant areas, the paint booth, which combines a precise rotation of the drums at the required speed, with a versatile system of automatic guns with pneumatic activation and an efficient multi-stage filtering system. Another highlight of the paint application in this line is the combination of several colors with automatic change, as well as the application of two or more colors on the same drum with high precision in the paint cutting.

Ecobidón, focusing its activity on the circular economy, is responsible for the integral management of services related to industrial packaging: collection of metal, plastic and GRG drums, reconditioning of these containers for reuse, recycling of their raw material, supply of packaging recovered and new, as well as the sale of accessories for industrial packaging (cars, trucks, racks, lifting clamps, etc).