Lesta and Cabycal sign an agreement for the distribution of the Italian painting robots in Spain

Valencia, November 10th 2020.- Lesta and Cabycal have signed a collaboration agreement for the distribution and business development of the paint application robots of the Italian company in Spain. Through this agreement, Cabycal will be in charge of the commercialization and sale of Lesta's painting technology in Spain. Based on a joint commercial strategy, this agreement seeks to open, develop and consolidate business opportunities in the area of ​​paint application robots.

For Lesta, this agreement represents its entry into the Spanish market at the hands of the leading Spanish engineering company in the development of surface treatment and painting facilities in Spain. In this way, the Italian firm increases its strategic presence in Europe.

For its part, with this collaboration Cabycal intends to make the automation of the application process accessible and affordable for industrial painters, which will allow them to carry out competitive developments, reducing labor costs and short-term payback of robots.

About Lesta

Lesta is a dynamic company founded in 2010 with the strong will of the founding partners to combine their skills and experience in the robotics sector to create a series of robots easy-to-use and reliable paint paints. The MV robot series with self-learning or point-to-point programming is the tangible result of the efforts made over the years and the skills of the Lesta team. A vocation based on innovation and internationalization has allowed Lesta to be an Kuka's official partner since 2017.

Cabycal supplies a double treatment tunnel that saves 80% in electricity consumption.

Cabycal, experts in surface treatment and coating, has developed and installed a 5.5-stage double tunnel for the factory of a leading manufacturer of household appliances. The manufacturer has undertaken a series of improvements in one of its production plants, including the replacement of an old spray pretreatment tunnel for metal parts by a new one with nearly 2,000 nozzles.

In addition to the mechanical assembly of the new machine, the installation was completed with the digital integration of the tunnel with the existing installation and the upgrade of the electrical installation, control panel and automation.

This new double tunnel is capable of enabling only one of its lines and recording a large number of parameters (pressure in the water circuits, motor temperature, vibration in the hydraulic pumps), in order to optimize water and electricity consumption and generate the lowest possible environmental impact. According to estimates, with the new equipment, the company will reduce its electricity consumption by around 80%, which represents an economic saving of more than 130,0001 euros per year.

This energy saving is due to the detailed study of different factors developed by Cabycal's electrical engineering and automation department to optimize the multinational's production process. Among the factors studied were the reduction of installed power, the use of frequency inverters in all motors, the elimination of 90% of reactive power and the operation of the new pumps at working pressure demand with integrated PID function.

The factor that has drastically reduced the electrical consumption of the new treatment tunnel has been the reduction in electrical power. The new treatment tunnel has an installed electrical power of 72.6 kW compared to 329.8 kW in the old tunnel.

Another factor taken into account was the use of variable frequency drives on all pumps and fans in the new treatment tunnel. Although this energy saving is less significant than the reduction in installed power, it is also important. By using frequency inverters (see regenerative thermal oxidation), energy savings are achieved by improving the efficiency of the pump or fan it manages. Reactive energy is eliminated by 90% and the optimization of pump consumption increases, since only the necessary power is used to reach the working levels demanded in each treatment process.

On the other hand, in addition to energy savings, there are other factors that variable frequency drives bring to the production process:


    • Eliminates water hammer and vibrations in the pipeline, which increases the useful life of the installed mechanical elements and reduces maintenance work. Increases the useful life of the motors, since the start-up peaks generated by the motors are eliminated.


    • They maintain a constant pressure in the pipeline since the system incorporates pressure sensors and the frequency variators regulate their speed by means of a PID function (proportional, integral and derivative) taking as a reference the pressure demand required by the multinational company.


1 Estimated calculation based on 16-hour workdays, 5 days a week and taking Iberdrola's fixed rate as a reference.

Cabycal designs two liquid painting lines for Lauak Group

Valencia, 30th December 2019.- Cabycal will design, manufacture and install two liquid painting lines for the Lauak Group, specialised in components for the aeronautical industry. Both facilities will paint aluminum pipes and ducts and will be implanted in the factories that the French company has in Mirabel (Canada) and El Marqués (Mexico).

The two lines will be composed of a manual loading / unloading area, a pressurized painting booth, an evaporating zone, a polymerization oven, an aerial monorail conveyor, a mixing room and an air supply and treatment unit.

In addition, the installation is prepared to collect different values ​​in order to create a history of them for later management by Lauak. It also incorporates a system that allows remote technical assistance to visualize the state of the line in real time and the solution of remote problems if necessary.

For Emilio Ferrando, General Director of Cabycal, this project stands out because “it forces us to continue working in the high level of technical requirement required by the aeronautical sector and to develop the equipment and facilities according to the CE and UL certification that they are what each country requires".

More and more companies in the aeronautical sector rely on Cabycal to improve their production processes. These two lines for the Lauak Group join others that Cabycal has developed for several companies in the aeronautical sector such as Sofitec and GAZC, among others.

Founded in 1975 under the name Eskulanak by its current co-manager, Jean-Marc Charrintton, the Lauak Group supplied boiler parts to Dassault Aviation. Today, the group is one of the main subcontractors for the production of primary parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies for the aerospace industry.

Cabycal provides a manual liquid line to Marset

Valencia, 29th November 2019.- Cabycal has designed, manufactured and built for Marset, the Barcelona company of high-design lamps, a manual liquid installation to paint in a unique way and almost by hand components of high-quality lamps.

The compact line developed by Cabycal is designed for the execution of the different phases of the painting process and has a sanding room, a degreasing room and a pressurized dry filtration liquid painting booth, a mixing room with a laboratory booth, a test room and a static curing oven. In addition, the line has a PLC and a touch screen from which the control of all the equipment can be carried out.

In this line it is important to highlight the air treatment equipment that together with the hermeticism of the entire set of rooms, achieve an optimal humidity and temperature percentage, not forgetting the last stage of curing in the oven to finally achieve the excellent and refined high quality finish required for these high design lamps.

Marset is a family business created in 1976 and dedicated to the design and manufacture of decorative, exterior and architectural lamps. With a strong presence in the global market, some of its lamps can be found in the headquarters and establishments of Airbnb (Dublin), YouTube (London), Sony Music (Madrid), Google Campus (Dublin), General Electric (Crotonville), Primark (Boston), Starbucks (New York), Camper (London, Barcelona and Berlin) and Hotel Mandarín (Barcelona), among others.

Cabycal provides an automatic liquid painting line to Ecobidón

Valencia, 28th October 2019.- Cabycal has recently developed, manufactured and installed an automatic liquid paint line for Ecobidón. This line, in operation since March 2019, paints 200-liter metal drums at its facilities in Utiel (Spain).

The line designed by Cabycal has a liquid paint booth with dry filtration with 14 automatic guns, a mixing room and a curing oven. The conveyor is a combination of roller table and table top chain and includes a rotating drum system that allows them to be marked with a barcode, for traceability and control of the production process. The installation has remote assistance and the possibility of integrating and adapting the management of the line to industry 4.0.

It should be noted as one of the most relevant areas, the paint booth, which combines a precise rotation of the drums at the required speed, with a versatile system of automatic guns with pneumatic activation and an efficient multi-stage filtering system. Another highlight of the paint application in this line is the combination of several colors with automatic change, as well as the application of two or more colors on the same drum with high precision in the paint cutting.

Ecobidón, focusing its activity on the circular economy, is responsible for the integral management of services related to industrial packaging: collection of metal, plastic and GRG drums, reconditioning of these containers for reuse, recycling of their raw material, supply of packaging recovered and new, as well as the sale of accessories for industrial packaging (cars, trucks, racks, lifting clamps, etc).

Cabycal provides a powder painting line to the Grupo TEPSA

Valencia, 1st August 2019.- Cabycal will design, manufacture and install a pretreatment and powder painting line for Grupo TEPSA, specialized in solutions for the electricity market and located in the state of Coahuila. The line will paint metal and steel parts of the industrial equipment manufactured by the company.

The line designed by Cabycal will consist of a loading and unloading area, a 5-stage degreasing tunnel, a drying oven, a powder paint booth with enclosure, a polymerization oven and a monorail conveyor. The installation is expected to be operational by the end of 2019.

One of the peculiarities of this line is that it will be elevated 3 and a half meters from the ground in order to multiply the work surface and use that space achieved for warehouse work and parts processing.

According to Emilio Ferrando, Cabycal CEO, this project stands out because “it has allowed Cabycal to consolidate within the Mexican market for automatic powder painting lines”. This powder paint line joins another that Cabycal is currently implementing for the industrial sector in Esquivias (Spain) for the company Stulz Tecnivel.

Founded in 1980 in the City of Parral, Chihuahua, Grupo TEPSA is a leading Mexican company in the supply of electrical materials, equipment, services and projects with high specialization in the mining and industrial field.

Cabycal participates again as an exhibitor at FABTECH 2019

Valencia, April 25, 2019. Cabycal will participate as an exhibitor for the ninth consecutive year in COATech 2019, a show that is part of FABTECH, the most important trade fair for the metal-mechanic industry in Mexico. In this edition, held from May 7th to 9th in Monterrey, the Valencian company will have a 18 m2-space, in which it will receive the leading professionals in the sector.

As in previous editions, the Valencian firm will be represented by Emilio Ferrando, Cabycal’s CEO, Roberto De la Isla, Project Development and Pedro Villarroel, Project Engineer.

As main novelties, Cabycal will present its oil separation systems in degreasing, more efficient combustion systems and heat recovery systems for energy saving in automatic powder coating installations.

FABTECH Mexico has four pavilions (Fabtech, Weldmex, Coatech and Metalform and Machining), 575 exhibiting companies and more than 13,000 annual visitors.

Cabycal supplies Formas Descanso with a powder coating line

Valencia, 29th March, 2019.- Cabycal has designed, manufactured and installed a new automatic powder coating line for the Murcian firm Formas Descanso located in Yecla (Spain). The new line has allowed this company to automate the painting process that was previously done manually.

In this line, Cabycal has implemented new products of its own design and manufacture, such as the paint booth, the cyclone and the water quality improvement system. The system has a 2.5-stage pre-treatment tunnel with osmosis and decalcification process, a drying oven, an antistatic plastic booth for automatic painting and a "U" polymerized oven.

The new treatment tunnel performs a degreasing process that stands out for the protection with deposition of conversion nanoparticles. The implanted pretreatment system supposes an increase of the quality of the baths and of the final washing, since it counts on a descalcification and osmotized water equipment able to obtain a high quality in the industrial use from water of high saline content. In addition, the treatment tunnel performs a process at low temperature and is equipped at the exit with a drop blowing system, whose objective is the reduction of energy consumption during drying.

The "U" drying oven, making the most of an installation implemented by Cabycal in 1996, has been updated to increase its energy efficiency. In addition, the polymerized oven is thermally insulated with high-density rockwool panels.

New in this line, an antistatic plastic booth designed by Cabycal has been installed. This cabin has a self-cleaning system in automatic cycle and integrates the technology of rapid color change in the application of powder paint, which makes easier the customization of Formas Descanso's products.

In addition, the line also has a dust recovery cyclone with integrated sieve and a high performance absolute filtration module developed and manufactured by Cabycal.

A PLC and an HMI with Ethernet communication have been incorporated to control the entire painting process. This equipment manages all control maneuvers of all elements of the paint line and allows remote assistance.

"This installation has been a very interesting challenge," explains Emilio Ferrando, CEO of Cabycal, "since the line initially introduced in 1996 was powered by diesel. With the rise in the price of fuels, the installation was adapted to wood pellet burners and in the latter improvement the line has been equipped with a natural gas burner system ".

Cabycal has previously worked with other companies in the furniture sector. Some of its most important clients in this sector have been DupenActiuMobiltac, Hilding Anders, Cocinas Carbel and Navarro Azorín, among others.

Formas Descanso is a family company specialized in rest systems for domestic and geriatric use. The Murcian company manufactures a wide range of rest systems, articulated beds, fixed bed frames, beds for companions, mattresses, pillows and electric beds for care use.

Cabycal bets on the French market and participates for the first time in Global Industrie

Valencia, 25th January 2019.- Cabycal will participate for the first time as an exhibitor company in the Industrie trade show, one of the four events that make up Global Industrie, the only professional fair in France that brings together the entire industry in one event. In this edition, held from 5 to 8 March in Lyon, the Spanish company will have a modern space to receive the leading professionals in the sector.

During the participation of Cabycal in the trade show Industrie, the Spanish company will present its new Business Development Manager and Project Engineer for the Western European market, Kewin Van Hyfte, thus demonstrating its interest in the French market. Cabycal started its international path in France in 2005 and since then has developed projects for French companies from very different sectors.

Cabycal is an engineering firm with cutting-edge innovation with more than 30 years of experience designing, developing and manufacturing surface treatment and painting lines for the industrial sector. At present, Cabycal is specialised in the development of painting lines for different industrial sectors such as the automotive auxiliary industry, aeronautics, aluminium, wood, white line appliances and metal industry, among others.

Cabycal provides a mixing room to Nissan

Valencia, 4th October 2018.- Cabycal has designed, manufactured and installed a new room for pumping and distributing paints for the P2 body painting line of NMISA (Nissan Motor Ibérica S. A.) located in the Zona Franca of Barcelona. NMISA has relied on Cabycal to carry out these works, which are part of its interannual plan for the renovation and continuous improvement of its facilities.

The room for pumping and distributing paints or Minicirculating Room of Bases in P2 will improve and normalise the safety and work conditions in these facilities that have been operating for more than 30 years. This room meets the strictest hygiene and safety requirements, both for people and for the environment.

The design of the mixing room also includes the air conditioning system necessary to maintain the paints in optimal and adequate conditions and thus maximize the qualities obtained in the coating process of the bodies. The implemented system is able to achieve an accuracy of +/- 1ºC and +/- 3% relative humidity of variability with respect to the set point. These values ​​are achieved thanks to a heat exchanger / recuperator of slats that produces an important energy saving what allows a reduction of production costs.

The design of the mixing room has been audited under the strictest safety and health standards and certified by an external company authorized and assigned by Nissan. The package of certifications includes measurements of electrical earth, residual static, performance of fire-fighting systems, volatile organic compounds emitted into the atmosphere and energy certification (in consumption inherent to air conditioning in the room).

NMISA is part of a corporation, which includes Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi mainly. Nissan has five production centers in Spain - located in Barcelona, ​​Ávila and Cantabria -, where it manufactures the Nissan Pulsar passenger car, the NV200 van and its 100% electric version e-NV200, the new Navara pick-up and the light truck NT400 / Cabstar. In addition, Nissan Spain has an R&D center for engines and the development of light commercial vehicles, as well as spare parts and distribution centers. The sales office in Spain and Portugal is located in Barcelona. More than 5,000 people work at Nissan in Spain and in 2017 more than 100,000 vehicles were produced.