Spanish engineering is already working with NX 11 for the development of its new projects

Valencia, February 6th 2017.- Since the beginning of 2017, Cabycal has been using Siemens NX 11 software as a platform for the design of all the painting and surface treatment lines developed by the engineering team of the Spanish firm. The implementation of Siemens software is part of Cabycal’s Strategic Plan for 2017. One of the objectives of this plan is the consolidation and implementation of the most current software tools for product modeling and design.

Emilio Ferrando, Managing Director of Cabycal, explains that “the commitment to the implantation of Siemens NX responds mainly to two factors: the increasing complexity of the products we design and the high demand of our clients who come from sectors such as automotive and aeronautics , among others. Companies in these sectors seek excellence for their production process ”.

With the implementation of Siemens NX 11 software, Cabycal has optimized and streamlined the development process of its projects, which translates into highly complex and completely innovative products developed to meet the specific production needs of each client. In addition, with NX 11 design has become a faster, more flexible and efficient process and virtual simulations and analyzes are very useful for decision making.