The offices of the new subsidiary, located in Mexico City, will cover the American market

Valencia, January 15th 2016.- Cabycal continues its internationalization process and within it has just opened its first delegation outside of Spain. The offices of the new branch, located in Mexico City, are intended to support the NAFTA market, mainly Mexico and the United States, where Cabycal has delivered a total of five facilities to date.

The opening of this delegation has been driven by the interest and growing demand for surface painting facilities that Cabycal has received from Mexico since 2010. This situation has prompted the company to assess the need to have its own structure in the country North American.

According to Emilio Ferrando, General Director of Cabycal “Our engineering department designs facilities adapted not only to the productive needs of each client, but also to the regulations and technical standards of each country”. “This fact”, adds Emilio Ferrando, “supposes a competitive advantage in countries of the American continent, that look for the European standard of quality, but adapted to their technical and production needs”.