Valencia, 29th November 2019.- Cabycal has designed, manufactured and built for Marset, the Barcelona company of high-design lamps, a manual liquid installation to paint in a unique way and almost by hand components of high-quality lamps.

The compact line developed by Cabycal is designed for the execution of the different phases of the painting process and has a sanding room, a degreasing room and a pressurized dry filtration liquid painting booth, a mixing room with a laboratory booth, a test room and a static curing oven. In addition, the line has a PLC and a touch screen from which the control of all the equipment can be carried out.

In this line it is important to highlight the air treatment equipment that together with the hermeticism of the entire set of rooms, achieve an optimal humidity and temperature percentage, not forgetting the last stage of curing in the oven to finally achieve the excellent and refined high quality finish required for these high design lamps.

Marset is a family business created in 1976 and dedicated to the design and manufacture of decorative, exterior and architectural lamps. With a strong presence in the global market, some of its lamps can be found in the headquarters and establishments of Airbnb (Dublin), YouTube (London), Sony Music (Madrid), Google Campus (Dublin), General Electric (Crotonville), Primark (Boston), Starbucks (New York), Camper (London, Barcelona and Berlin) and Hotel Mandarín (Barcelona), among others.