Valencia, June 28th 2018.- Cabycal has worked with the Swedish company Hilding Anders in the improvement of its paint installation located in its factory in Carlet (Valencia). To do this, Cabycal has supplied the multinational with a booth with a high performance cyclone, a filtration module and a humidification blowing system for its pretreatment line.

The new system allows to change color more quickly and eliminate residual powder inside the booth thanks to its antistatic walls. Other benefits of the equipment implemented by Cabycal are: maximum efficiency and performance of the paint application, high performance of the cyclone in the recovery and protection of the booth lighting for compliance with ATEX regulation.

Cabycal has previously worked with companies in the furniture sector. Some of its most relevant clients in this sector have been Dupen, Actiu, Mobiltac, Formas Descanso, Cocinas Carbel and Navarro Azorín, among others.

Hilding Anders is one of the largest manufacturers of sleep systems (beds and mattresses) in Europe. Among its main clients is the Swedish multinational Ikea. Nowadays, Hilding Anders has presence in more than 15 European countries, including Spain, due to the acquisition in 2006 of the Valencian company Somilar.