Valencia, 5th December 2017.- Cabycal has designed, manufactured and install a liquid paint line for the Mexican company Proplast. This line, in operation since July, paints plastic components of household appliances in its facilities located in El Marqués (Querétaro).

The process consists of manual loading of the pieces, a painting stage, which is made by an operator inside a pressure-controlled booth with a water curtain and an automatic sludge separation system, a curing stage made in a forced convection oven, a natural convection cooling stage and an manual unloading stage.

The automatic sludge separation system keeps the water clear of paint residues, which gives the installation a low maintenance and high efficiency. The handling (transportation) of pieces is done by a monorail aerial conveyor, that works in a step by step programmed motion.

Proplast is a 100% Mexican company with 12 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic components and injection mold maintenance. Proplast production center is located in Querétaro and from there the company offers its products and services throughout Mexico.