Cabycal’s origins date back to Talleres Hefe, a small family firm based in Valencia which specialized in the manufacture of industrial burners. In 1985, Emilio Ferrando took over the business and transformed the company’s activity, structure and location, which was renamed Cabycal in 1987.

Cabycal was founded with the aim to design and market custom solutions in the form of machinery for the surface treatment sector. From the outset, the company opted for a solid and innovative business strategy: to base their competitive advantage on the custom design of facilities for surface treatment and painting. Accordingly, we created a benchmark engineering department in the sector; we were the first Small and Medium Business (PYME) with our own project development and design team. This was a very ambitious challenge during a period in which engineers primarily worked in large industrial corporations.

The market evolution and the customers’ new requirements inspired Cabycal to set forth on its path of permanent growth and reinvention.

At present, Cabycal offers innovative global solutions for the painting and organic coating of surfaces in a wide variety of materials.

  • The customer is the central focus: The customer is the central priority of the company's activity: in the analysis of their requirements as well as the design, implementation and search for the best solution for their production process.
  • Innovation, innovation and more innovation: The company's growth is focused on offering innovative and cutting-edge products and solutions in the surface treatments and painting sector. All projects are exclusively unique because we always implement the latest technological novelties.
  • Team work: The installations developed by Cabycal are tailor-made by a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and technicians who work in different areas of expertise to accomplish the common objective: the customer's full satisfaction.
  • Sustainability: Cabycal has a firm commitment to environmental sustainability. All the developed projects seek the maximum efficiency and sustainability for the installation (energy savings, reduction of chemical wastes, etc.).


Cabycal is an Engineering firm with cutting-edge innovation which designs, develops and manufactures installations for surface treatments and painting line systems for the industrial sector. Our multidisciplinary team analyses the production requirements of each customer to implement the most profitable, productive and sustainable solution; we always seek to implement the most innovative and efficient technology at all times.


Cabycal has the following goals for the future:

  • To maintain the Market's recognition of our premium quality and service in the surface treatment and painting sector.
  • To continue implementing personalized solutions with high-level technological and innovative components which permit the customer to rely on state-of-the-art technology specifically adapted to their production needs.

Cabycal is permanently aware that the customer determines the quality of all products and services. Accordingly, Cabycal’s top priority is to satisfy its customers and to achieve this, it is essential to have a permanent focus on results for both suppliers and employees as well as the main partners and interest groups of any organization.

Cabycal’s Quality Management System is based on the international standard: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, it is implemented in accordance with our quality policy aligned with our business philosophy.

Cabycal provides expert management and supervision of projects from the engineering design up to the commissioning, which include manufacture and assembly.

Engineering and Design

The technical team is comprised by engineers and technicians with field-tested experience in the surface treatments and painting sector. Our professional team studies the production requirements for each project in order to provide a completely personalized design.


The Automation team facilitates and manufactures the electronic tools, both hardware and software, which ensure the proper operation of the processes proposed by the Engineering Department, as well as its quality control and traceability.

Manufacture and Assembly

The Cabycal Manufacturing Facility manufactures the designs developed by the Engineering Department with the market’s best components. The assembly of the installations can be carried out in any location worldwide.