One of the common elements in all painting facilities is the material transport systems. This equipment is key for the correct flow of materials inside and outside the production process of each client. The engineering team designs the material transport systems depending on the sector, as well as the dimensions, weight and material of the parts to be handled.

Types of conveyors

  • Power & free (P&F) system: Like the previous type of conveyors, they can also be aerial and terrestrial and are designed to transport parts continuously or discontinuously. They are made up of the main power chain and the secondary free part (carriage, hanger, frame), through accumulations, detours and advancers we obtain the characteristics of this system, among which is the movement at two different speeds and linking different sections.
  • Skid system: Este sistema de transporte de materiales terrestre garantiza la alineación tanto vertical como horizontal de las piezas a transportar. Las soluciones se consiguen incluyendo mesas de giro, mesas de elevación y transferencias.
  • Monorail system: This type of material transporter can be both aerial and terrestrial and are designed to transport parts continuously. They can transport a multitude of dimensions and weights with the different ranges of bearings available.
  • Spindle system:It is a type of chain conveyor for land materials, designed mainly to provide the parts with turning on themselves in certain areas of the installation (application booth, flaming, curing). These conveyors are focused on small and medium parts.
  • Overhead crane: This type of material conveyor consists of lifting and translation equipment designed to move large and heavy parts. The overhead cranes are available with both chains and straps, and designed by Cabycal's engineering team for easy assembly and maintenance. This material transport system is fully automated and with safety systems (anti-tipping, anti-shock).
  • Roller system: It is an overland conveyor system that can be motorized or free and, together with the turning tables, lifting tables and transfer tables, allows large volume parts to be moved in confined spaces.
  • Manual overhead conveyor:Non-motorized overland material conveyor or with the possibility of motorizing some areas, modular and expandable. It allows by means of a shuttle (manual or motorized) the transfer and accumulation of pieces thanks to the changes of direction and direction.
  • Parallel chain and tray system: Land material transport system for heavy and large parts. They work continuously but allow you to configure sections of chain with different speeds.